We offer you a unique experience for an unknown Algarve

We are a local company that aims to show you what the real Algarve has to offer, and we do it in a sustainable way! Our local guides take you in comfortable jeeps to everywhere worth visiting in the South-West Algarve. If you want to learn about Algarve’s culture, see amazing beaches and natural landscapes through the eyes of a local, plus try the local gastronomy, then Natura tours has the best tours for you! Our service is highly personalized, making you feel like you are on a day-trip completely different experience, showing you the best the area have to offer while making you feel like a local!.

1 Tour = 1 Tree

Trees are like the lungs of the planet. They breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. Additionally, they provide habitat for birds and other wildlife. Knowing this, Natura Tours will plant a tree for each tour you take with us, aiming to reduce the negative effects of CO2 emissions of the used diesel jeeps.

A small contribution to the sustainability of our tours.

Why Choose Natura Tours Team?

Diverse Destinations

We offer a variety of destinations acording to your will. From beach to countryside, the choice is yours

Value for Money

A good day without spending much money

Beautiful Places

We will show you the best places of western Algarve. Lost beachs; one of the biggest lake in Algarve; the highest peak of Algarve…

Fast Booking

The booking for our tours is only a phone call away or email if you prefer

Support Team

We have two born and raised local guides that will try to provide all you need

Passionate Travel

Our goal is to give you a unforgetable experience while your visite our country