Silves is a delightful and traditional Portuguese town that makes for an enjoyable day trip from the coastal resorts of the western Algarve.Silves, during the North African Moor’s rule of the Algarve (700-1200ad) was the capital and defensive stronghold of the entire region. Remnants of this illustrious era can be discovered throughout Silves, and include the huge red brick castle, the impregnatable city walls and defensive gates.
Monchique is a market town up in the Serra de Monchique, which is a thickly wooded mountain range separating the Algarve from Alentejo. The jouney up (and down) to Monchique offers spectacular views and is totally different from coastal Algarve.If the day is clear, we´ll continue to drive to the highest point in the Algarve – Foia – which is 902 metres high. The view from here is fantastic. Go prepared with something warm to put on.